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About Us

Hello, I’m Valeria Gebruers and I am the founder of Pachamama Bohemian.

Through my love for vintage, bohemian and fashion I had the opportunity to open Pachamama Bohemian in May of 2011.

Years prior to the opening of Pachamama Bohemian, I always had a crave of creating something that I could share with fellow bohemian and fashion lovers, and with a bit of research and inspiration here I am.

Pachamama Bohemian offers curated pieces for Bohemian Dreamers hand crafted from around the world.

Fair Trade is very important for us. Our artisans have a significant role in our designs.

We create capsule collections, which include one-off and limited-edition items. 

Growing up in Argentina I always loved the idea of working with authentic fabrics and I drew inspiration from Thailand, India and Guatemala to create my line of jackets, bags and accessories.

Pachamama Bohemian is situated in a small studio in Weston, Florida and also shares a space in Little River, Miami.

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