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About Us

Hello, I’m Valeria Gebruers and I am the founder of Pachamama Bohemian.

Through my love for vintage, bohemian and fashion I had the opportunity to open Pachamama Bohemian in May of 2011.

Years prior to the opening of Pachamama Bohemian, I always had a crave of creating something that I could share with fellow bohemian and fashion lovers, and with a bit of research and inspiration here I am.

Pachamama Bohemian offers curated pieces for Bohemian Dreamers hand crafted from around the world.

Fair Trade is very important for us. Our artisans have a significant role in our designs.

We create capsule collections, which include one-of one and limited-edition items. 

Growing up in Argentina I always loved the idea of working with authentic fabrics and I drew inspiration from Thailand, India and Guatemala to create my line of jackets, bags and accessories.

Our newest and most popular items are our Customized Jackets, Kimonos pants and hats. Bespoke handmade pieces made with love and good vibes. Each patch, flower, fabric and detail is carefully selected to make a statement. I personally make this wearable art pieces.

Most of our Jackets and jeans are vintage. I personally select jackets and items form thrift stores and GoodWill. 

We try to make this world a better place by giving those vintage jackets a second or third life. Repurpose, reuse, recycle!

Pachamama Bohemian is situated in a small studio in Weston, Florida and also has a Showroom in Little River, Miami. If you wish to visit us please send us a message or call 001 9545488946

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