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Vintage Love LADY Jenny Camo Jacket

The LADY LADY Camo Jacket is your answer to a unique one of a kind bohemian jacket. As you can see in the image this jackets is full of pins and that means we Hand Sew every single piece!!

  • Hand embroidered and hand sewn with rose patches and sequins patches.
  • Ultimate boho piece.
  • Pins and flowers on front right pocket included (they might vary depending on the ones we have in stock)
  • Perfect as a light jacket or layering piece.
  • Hand wash ONLY. Air Dry. Do not tumble dry

This Jacket is ready to ship in 3 days.

You will receive a similar coat to the one pictured placement of the hearts and flowers surrounding the Lady Lady might be different but similar. These are One of One pieces!! (if you wish to see the ones available please contact us

*Styling suggestion- We love it with denim bells, a vintage tee, dusty cowboy boots, layers of bracelets and necklaces for a perfect day or evening out!


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