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VELVET DUSTINGS by Boho Bunnie. Featuring "The Kathryn Crossbody"

Andrea Whitt is an international touring and recording artist. She performs on viola, fiddle and pedal steel guitar alongside Italian artist Zucchero, toured with Shania Twain, recorded on Grammy award winning albums and has performed and recorded with dozens of other well known artists. Bohemian Bunnie was created from her passion for art, style and music. Painting since the age of two, and hoarding clothes since before she can remember, Bohemian Bunnie celebrates the intertwining of all of the arts. With Andrea’s international touring schedule, Bohemian Bunnie has become a creative journey overseas, and has been acclaimed in media and publications such as E! News, Brit + Co, and Marie Claire Taiwan.

Valeria Gebruers
Valeria Gebruers


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