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Ramble on baby, settle down easy…

Dirt roads, dustings of pink, greens, sun-faded blues and yellows make the desert a sight for sore eyes. If I’m jumping in my car, driving due east of Los Angeles is my favorite direction to head. The solace of desert life is something I always dreamed of as a midwestern kid, and beginning only just a year ago with my first trip to Joshua Tree, the desert has never let me down. I can guarantee I’ll own a second home there before the end of my thirties. Besides the artistic way of life that comes so easily in Joshua Tree, there is so much inspiration in the desert. The vegetation, wildlife, the night sky, the mom and pop shops that will always be ahead of the trend, and the locals. It’s the outlaw way of life that has become so desired by the creative types like myself. Desert outfitters such as Pachamama Bohemian and The Champagne Gypsy will forever fill my wild west inspired closet.


“Did you say your name was Rambling Rose?”

xoxo, Andrea

Embroidered Elephant Denim Jacket Pachamama Bohemian / Beaded Mini Backpack with Pom PomsPachamama Bohemian / Gold Crochet Monokini Pachamama Bohemian / Mother of Pearl Angel Wing Earrings The Champagne Gypsy / Gold Moon Face Ring The Champagne Gypsy 

Hair: Ashley Layton / Make up: Marlene Sullivan

Photography by Ashley Marie Myers


Valeria Gebruers
Valeria Gebruers


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