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Nesting Pachamama Bohemian Style!

You know when you love something so much you want to see it everywhere, or even sleep with it on? Pachamama Bohemian gives you the opportunity to be both fashionable and functional! Check out what we have in store to give your nest an authentic bohemian touch!
Give your room a unique vibe with our embroidered Suzani Bed Spread and the Deco Elephant string! Take a look at one of the many ways to lighten up your room. Grab one of Pachamama Bohemian's Tassel Headpiece and hang it from your fan for a fun and different look! From experience, there is nothing better than waking up surrounded by your favorite bohemian cover.
Check out our nesting section for functional ways to use Pachamama Bohemian products!
Katya Anleu

Valeria Gebruers
Valeria Gebruers


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